Monday, October 31, 2005

Scary Tanks

Memory 4:- When I was a kid studying in Seoul Academy International School, Korea, I remember going to a militrary museum.There were many things to see: Tanks, guns, airplanes,etc.
There they allowed us into some tanks and airplanes. So my friends and I had loads of fun sitting inside tanks and seeing how it feels like to be in one.Also, it was the first time, I saw a cockpit of a real plane. However, we were a bit naughty and saw one tank open which was off permission to civillians. We climbed in. After a while, someone came and closed the top of the tank. Perhaps, he didn't see us. We freaked out and started yelling and screaming. I hope Sang Jin and Wisha, my friends, remember this. It was very dark and hot inside. We were kids back then, I think I was in third grade. After a while, it became difficult to breathe and we started crying. Fortunately, someone heard our screams and informed the authorities. And the authorities promptly took us out. We were so releived on seeing fresh air. The whole ordeal took around 10-15 minutes. So, Mariam, I think you can find a very good moreal to this story.Lolz.


Mariam Zahid said...

Astaghfirullaha rabbi min kulli zanbinw wa atoobu ilaihi...

That was really scary!!!

Moral yeh hai k bachon ko apne aap ko derh hoshiyaar nahin samajhna chaahiye :P

mariam again said...

U need oxygen to breathe.
So, u had carbondioxide inside, right ???
so heres a simple equation

C + O2 ---> CO2

So, just reverse the reaction, u'll get oxygen separately !!!