Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pharmacology :(

Well after my long Eid holidays, I'm stuck trying to remember enough pharmacology to clear my exams which start from the 14th of this month.Now that isn't easy considering the fact that the book is about 1,000 pages long. Plus there are like a thousand drugs and for each drug you have to remember

1- Generic name of the drug....which isn't easy as it sounds.

2- Mechanism of Action.

3- Pharmacokinetics ( how a drug is absorbed, distributed and then excreted).

4- Biotransformation ( how a drug is converted from it's inactive to active form or vice versa).

5-Pharmacodynamics (action of drug on the body)

6- Dosage and Treatment regime

7- Toxicity

8- Clinical conditions in which it is used and what line of drug is it...first line,second line or as a last resort.

9- What to do in case of overdose?

10- In case of antibiotics, mechanisms of resistance.

11- Classification( which group of drug does it belong to e.g anti-hypertensives, anti-epileptics, etc.)

Multiply this basic scheme with a 1,000 and around 5 days, I've got a major problem to deal with!! And how you just love to goto doctors to get medicines !!!!!!!!!Ahhhhhhhhhh....if only there were fewer drugs.


Shakia said...

Aaaaaa... I'm not becoming a doctor now, no my dad can go for the younger sister, it's too much hard work.. And you just keep on making it worse!!! AAA!!

Hmm.. *calm* Well, christmas falls in december, and its the last month of the year... dont you see.. But I noticed ppl sing more abt september and november. Well September most, I guess they envy me for being born that month.. :-P
Oh.. I acknowledge that everyone born in September, isn't actually born in September.. they are either born in August or October. September, is strictly mine.. and for those poor fellows who doesnt still get it and celebrates it in September... then take that as my generosity of lending out the month...
Wooow.. too many Septembers.. lol

qu3st said... i dread even thinkin about how i studied pharma...but kiddo...dont try to remember em the doses ov only selected the anti-bacterials properly...leave anti-virals...not asked the TB drugs thoroughly...should know each n everything about it...and anti-histamines and drugs related to cardiovasculars r important too...and never forget the side effect of ace inhibitors...which include dry now this is the fav question during the round in our ward.....and know the reason why it causes dry cough....somethin related to pg not sure...check it out....need help buzz me.

Aftab Iqbal said...

@qu3st:- Shoot.....I still have to do anti-bacterials,anti-TB and anti-histamines!!! CNS is not finishing!!1 Hmm...thanks for the tips!!And about the need help buzz me....hehe....ure buzzer's gonna be real busy....cuz I need loads of help...hmm...maybe you could give the paper for me.. :)

@Shakia:- Sorry if I'm scarin u...but I have to let the tension out somewhere.....hmmm...u'll know what I mean once u get into med school InshaAllah......hmm....about september.....actually I've never heard a song on september......decmeber has loads of songs like LinkinPark's "My Decmeber"....Hell even Abrar-ul-Haq has a song on december......umm....recommend u hearin LinkinPark's "My December' It's awesome!!!!!!!

Shakia said...

Oh well its too late :-P
Nah we'll see wht happens...

And there are tons of september songs.. like frank sinatra's "September song", Green day's "wake me up when september ends", Natalie Imbruglia's "Come September", Human nature's "September Girl" Oh there is this Band name September too... soo yeah.. there you go..

Oh lets write a song about how April sucks.. LOL

Aftab Iqbal said...

Oops.....turns away many September songs and I've never heard one....sigh.....hey April doesn't u remember Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles...there was April there!! Lolz

Extiinct said...

looks like all of us who have papers from the 14 are stuck in the same desperate situation.

14 is so close! and I have tons to cover for my paper...and im sitting online wasting time!!!

I've been having short lived panic attacks since last night. hehe

Shakia said...

ooh April sooooooooo sucked!! I mean she was so unneccesery for the cartoon... its not even a good reporter.. but the again if there were a September girl like me... woow, tht be mind blowin...

Anonymous said...

wat the hell is PHARMACOLOGY!!! ewwwww thanks GOd i didnt take science in ma matriculation and didnt go fr medical studies...

im gud wid ma business stufff. wasiay aftab how do u even rem al tht stuff!!!!


Mariam Zahid said...

Bechaaaaaaaaaaaaaara Aftab :(

Becharay ko kya kya yaad karna parta hai! Thats the reason v ppl dont feel like visiting the doctors, coz v know that they were once students like Aftab who dint study to become good doctors, but just to clear their papers :P :P :P

Hehe :D, just kidding man!

Wish u all the best for ur exams! Insha Allah u'll succeed. My prayers r with u.

TAMSIL said...

plz send next papers also
we r waiting.............