Tuesday, November 15, 2005

RMC sendup 2005 Pharmacology

Done with my pharmacology sendup/mock today. Posting the Short Essay Question part here for medical students from other colleges in Pakistan.
Q-1 What are the various methods employed for prolonging actions of certain drugs?
Describe different types of Drug Antagonism. Give one example for each type. (4 , 5)
Q-2 Describe mechanism of benefitial effect of
a) B-blockers in hypertension
b) Quinidine in ventricular arrythmias. (4, 5)
Q-3 What is the relation of mechanism of action of following to their clinical response?
a) Pro-kinetic effect of cisapridine
b) Anti-depressant action of Impipramine. (4,5)
Q-4 What are the different ways by which drugs can stabalize neurnonal cell membranes and inhibit spread of seizure activity in epilepsy? (9)
Q-5 Name Disease Modifying Drugs used in Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Decribe precisely the mechanism by which Methotrexate helps in suppressing disease process. (4,5)
Q-6 Name antiplatelet agents
What are merits and demerits of COX-2 selective inhibitors compared to Aspirin.
Q-7 Name Opiods that interact primarily with mu-receptor. What actions of morphine are ascribed to mu receptors activation. (4,5)
Q-8 Enlist
a) Drugs that inhibit folic acid synthesie in bacterial and protozoal systems.
b) Drugs that have malarial efficacy in grma negative rods.
c) Uses and adverse effects of Metronidazole. (3,3,3)
Q.-9 Give cellular target for the action of following
a) Anti-gout effect of Allopurinol
b) Anti-Psychotic action of Clozapine
c) Anti-coagulant effect of Heparin (3,3,3)
Q.10 Write short notes on
a) Insulin secretagogues
b) Ketamine (4,5)


Shakia said...

WOOOOOOOW.. I dont get any of tht! Well I graduated HSC.. just chilling I guess, doing some courses infor university which I will try for next fall... My prayers are to not go into med school, wishing that they just didnt like my name and said no!! Well the chances are slim too!! LOL.. major right now i guess science and IT

qu3st said...

hi....too bad wot i recommended dint help....anyway...well im a dow graduate and am an internee in obs/gyn.next stop medicine.mean while preparin for mrcog.will be givin the march attempt from england.....pray for me....puleeze...and boy ur paper was tough....we only had mcqs and they shook the blood out of our veins and lookin at this mock exam....its givin me chills.....thank god i cleared my mbbs.....

qu3st said...

well....coz my brother was a senior in my college...i didnt get ragged in fact i even ragged my own class fellows when i was a fresher....thanks to my brother n his nasty niggas...lol...i miss those days...