Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Boxing Day

Why is the day after Christmas known as BOXING DAY??


mayya said...

you know what, you ask too many questions and then you get me all curious and make me look them up :p what a sneaky way to get answers :ppppppppppp hehe

heh, lemme run a google search

mayya said...


رنگ حيات said...

aray is main search waghera ki kya baat hai yaar ??? It's sooo simple....jis ka gift acha nah lagay ya aap nay kisi ko gift diya aur us nay aap ko nahin diya koi gift to maar maar k bring them down to the floor. The advantage is that U won't get Sued coz it's a boxing day...plus U don't even have to tell the reason...Just keep punching them.

Logical Answer ;)

Aftab Iqbal said...

Mayya pakka pakayyia khana khanay ka maza hee kuch aur hai :P

@Rang-e-Hayyat- So this gives me rights to box u down since I didn't get the gift u promised me!!:P