Sunday, December 04, 2005

Don't we all love Inzi!!

I recieved an SMS from my classmate Bilal after Pakistan's dramatic last day win over England yesterday.Here's a parody of what Inzi, Captain of Pakistan, had to say post-match

"Thanks to Allah. Yes Boyz did very well.Yeh all Boyz Rana, Shoaib,Danish,Sami is very well played.Boyz is work hard for Pakistan.Ya, I am happy. Good ODI. " Inzi

Isn't he adorable!! And what a player honestly!!


Viscous said...

thanks for wishing.
Yes, Inzi is an extraordinary player. What year of MBBS are you in??

samrina said...

well yes true thanks to Allah he played well throughout the series i mean test series :)
hope he'll b same in oneday matches aswell ( Ameen)

Mariam Zahid said...


No doubt he played very well.

But, y did u have to put his exact words here ???


Aftab Iqbal said...

I said it was a parody Mariam!!!

Mariam Zahid said...


OK, i dint actually notice that u wrote that it was a parody.

I should say

"Yes Aftab, Inzimaam good is a player. He and boys is good job did. Aftab u is wasting time posting. U is to study to become good doctor. Patient is worried if they got to knows that their doctor wasted times in posting on blogs. Y aftab, Y u is wastings time???"

hehe, looks like I'll forget my english after this post :)

HEY hey hey, u must be so happy, coz u got an SMS from some1,
usually u dont get many...

Bilal said...

Aftab this SMS had All Rights Reserved.You can't publish my messege online without permission you have been charged with a meal at KFC or Pizza Hut for both me and Shehzor (your best friend)

Mariam Zahid said...

Aftab, Looks like bhaanda phootne waala hai...