Monday, December 19, 2005

Fav Quotes

1-"There is no shortcut to success" Sachin Tendulkar

2-"I am thankful to all those who didn't try. It's because of them I succeeded." Einstein

3-"Don't be so sweet that people eat you up nor so bitter that people spit you out."Hazrat Luqman

4- "Great people achieve what ordinary people dream of." Me :)


Survivor said...

hey..the last line isn't yours...

I actually don't know whose it is.
But those are good quotes to live by ..

Aftab Iqbal said...

Aah dun tell me the only words I created in my mind were actuallt someone elses!!!!!!Nahi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shahbano said...

thats the sweetest thing ever that someone has said to me yet :)
i never knew people WANT me to write. i have two quizzes tomorrow; but i will try write something soon.
thanks btw.

رنگ حيات said...

It's not a love story's just a song :P and it's Sad that's y it's great ! choro tum nahin samjho gai..."ban derk ya jan nayad rak kam aza"....



P.S. took u a min to read it han ? :P

mona said...

Nice :)
I live good quotes
Keeping you in my prayers.

رنگ حيات said...

what's the point of listening to the stuff that is sad???
Jab tak dukh ki gehrai nahin samjho gay khushi ka ahsaas nahin hoga ? buraye nahin hogi to achaye ki samajh kaise aye gi???

Samjhay kuch budhoo ?

رنگ حيات said...

I've started a new topic in my forum...Y don't U open the forum and reply to my topic there ??? so I won't have to go back and forth in my comments.

Survivor said...

6 hours sleep.... I dunno,.......24 hours to go......for me

Shakia said...

"Words fly up, thougts remain below. Thoughts without words never heaven go..." Hamlet, Shakespears

"A mad mans world are more sane than a sane mans mad world" Me (does it make any sense? not to me either)

Anyway I'm sorry for disappearing like that, I'm working during the winter holidays... which are evening shifts. And when I get home I just fall asleep... so not so active on the blog.
And yes guys are selfish, how? Well we might be selfish in tht silly little way.. but most of the guys, even in the western countries always expects that their spouses are going to change after them, not only in carrier wise even when it comes to habbits. It's always expected that the woman has to always sacrifice their carrier aims/ dreams to satisfy the man. And it never occurs to the man to compromise for the woman. But then again everyone is not like this, though a majority is.