Thursday, December 15, 2005

Short, Shot, Four!!!!

What a match!! Pakistan went totally beserk, especially Abdul Razzaq. And I loved the commentary. The best pieces were

1- "Again those three words- short, shot, four!!!!!" When Abdul Razzaq cut a short ball for four.

2- "It's me again and the short ball." After the commentator returns back from break.

3- "Give us our ball back!!! Come on down, yes come come. Very good. Come A few more hurdles. Come. There. Thank you very much." After Abdul Razzaq wacks a six onto the top of the roof and the commentator coaxes the ball as it rolls down off the slope. Lolz


shahbano said...

hahaha...i was at uni so i missed the commentary..
but thats pretty vivid.
and well, usually i'm the one who does the talking but three days at med school only and she's driven me nuts already. lol.
cotton needed terribly.
so tell me sth abt urself? more specific than med school and "bloghoppeR"

shahbano said...

DUH i love cricket.
who doesnt? :)

shahbano said...

yeah i did...
so..what else? what was ur educational background before medicine?

shahbano said...

lol. well i did my olevels from esena foundation...and since we're down to bragging..i got 8As; did my Alevels from lgs, got 4 As and a top in Pakistan distinction in ALevel Economics; currently at LUMS...freshman, second quarter. its tough as hell, but I think I'll live.
SAT Scores...oh...SAT1 1390, SAT 2 writing 760 and literature 690.
I basically applied to UK and SINCE we're down to bragging, I got into LSE with a 6000pound/annum scholarship. *so there!* didnt go though, cuz I dont know why...
Foreign service! woohoo! Thats one of my aims! What's his name? My dad's in the govt service too. Customs. 2nd Common CSS.

رنگ حيات said...

Thankx 2 Aftab for waking up from his sleep and coming to check my blog but he can't have new things everyday. and by the way...Miracles happen hardly these days and to get a new brain again...U have to make a deal...Stop whining and I'll request Santa to get u a new brain :)

take care
C ya

P.S. Shahbano got U there...She is better than U in bragging :P

saad said...

Sort of comment like the one by Navjot Sidhu. When Tendulkar hit the ball high for a six and he commented like: "... up there she goes, kissing the air hostess and will land on to the ground..." lol.

Anyway, this is saad, from Rwp. Well completed my hons graduation in IT and besides I have just started blogging...I would like u to have a skimmed view at my blog and see what you can suggest...

Have frolics :)

Viscous said...

man I have to do some undergrad degree to get into medical school with some solid, i mean SOLID marks in bachelors.

shahbano said...

why do u keep scrapping me on the same u even read the others? *Smile*
medicine phir css? i dont like that bhyee...kyun doctor ban ke skills zaya karray koi?
kher, my brother just passed the written part of css, inshAllah umeed hai ke pass kar le. pray for him.

shahbano said...

I quote, "Am I eligible?"
lol. are you a friend, yet? :)
sure, if my brother passes, inshAllah, his tips are all yours. he loves to help out that way anyway, and even my younger brother's getting it from him aajkal cuz he has to take the exam next year...
no, i havent seen meet joe black. what about it? :) "u" ka gila? thats a strange expression...
and how'd u like the pics?

shahbano said...

when you're outwitted or defeated, your state of mind should never be hard to admit.
the sooner you come to grips with the situation, the better. :)
i'm glad though; i hardly ever get the chance to outwit people.
yep, our whole family is service oriented. from my great great grandfather to now, my brothers, inshAllah.
i'm sure u'll make it too..cuz as bhai was putting it, its the everyday science paper most guys flunk, and even with my olevel bio i could answer the questions bhai forgot cuz he'd done it so long i'm sure you'll do just swell.
girlish? nah. its not really girlish. i'd love to be girly, but im a real klutz, so cant be helped.