Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Forensic Medicine Gone

Alhamdolillah, two down:) Forensic went pretty well, though the MCQS were tough. But all in all, it was a pretty ok exam. Now looking ahead to Pathology on the 5th. Hope it goes well. Only 2 days and loads to do :( Khair, soon they will be "Going Going Gone" and I'll be enjoying life like the rest of you people out there!!!!


Shakia said...

Happy New Year!!! I'm in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Anyway have this nasty cold!!!!

samrina said...

Happy New Year!
loads of wishes n prayers for u at the begining of this year 2006. Best of luck in each n everything,
especially in ur exams n results. :)

keep doing gud n takecare,

Arooj said...

judging frm the post, ure papers arnt goin bad ;) which is good... so congrats... :) my finals totally suck yaar... still have four more to go... sneezing is a lil better.. cough is irritating the life outta me... hope ure aiite though :)

Extiinct said...

Hey! Good luck with Pathology.

You'll do well Inshallah=) What are you planning for after you're free?

mona said...

You done??? Congrats!!
ANd happy new year :)

Mariam Zahid said...

Good going!!!