Friday, February 24, 2006

Never Meant To Be

Not my peoms....but so what I'm going through!!!!

Never meant to be......
By Bahader Iqbal
The words that I never meant to say
Seem beautiful but are really far away
The deep meaning, which they possess
Is something, which seems harassed,
The rhymes that I try to write today
Contain those words that are pressed away
Together they try to bind along
But can't,
As they are never meant to be anyway!

A poem that rhymes
By Asma Khalid
I am just about to die
So I want to cry
For my dead passions
And dying intentions
I am burring my hopes
In a dark, deep, grave
But I feel I am not brave
That's why I cry
As I must die


Mariam Zahid said...

Yeah yeah...keep reading poems... Don't worry, V won't say anything to u...

Viscous said...

lol nice, but why do many poets have iqbal as their last name

Viscous said...

ok and I know these are for that girl, dont worry, youll have a new crush soon.

asma said...

omair is rite buddy, u will have a new crush waisay i was wondering ke u never posted poems on ur blog... but after knowing ur crush is getting engaged or married..... hmmmmmm us kay ghum mein poet bannay ka irada hai.. :)
take care

asma said...
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رنگ حيات said...

awwwwwww....Aftab what's wrong man ??? :(