Monday, March 27, 2006


Wow!! Feels like I'm living a dream. What started out as a simple phonecall from my senior to participate in the organization of the PSGW turned out into one of the most memorable experience of my life. I got to meet some of the biggest names in the field of medicine like Professor Mario Rizzetto (Italy) and Professor Graham Foster (UK). That's beside seeing the big guns in action live like Professor David Carr-Locke (USA-Harvard), Professor Masao Omata(Japan) and countless more. And plus our study got third place in the Young Researcher Category. I'll write more about it once the euphoria wears off :)


mayya said...

Congratulations :D

Mariam Zahid said...




Paddle said...

umm..congrats :)
what aspect of medicine u are researching? I was thinking of starting to work in that field starting this summer..any suggestions? How do u like it because u say that u are a "young researcher" ?