Monday, April 17, 2006

What KInd of People??

I remember as kids the things we were most scared about when going to doctors were injections and those weird instruments they used. A needleprick was hard to bear. That's how sensitive humans are. Or are they? What kind of people kill other people and that too unaware?? What kind of people use BOMBS, when they know it will hurt? What kind of people blow people to pieces literally?? What kind of people can stand seeing heads seperated from the trunk and limbs lying all around? What kind of people can see their fellow human beings charcoaled?? How can those little innocent kids grow into such animals, I ask!!??!!


Mybrid said...

Keep in mind that people who do this belong to a certain age group. They are brainwashed by these religious/political fanatics that what they do is good for their families. They're young impressionable individuals who are thirsty for attention and for a goal in life, and what better goal than to become a martyr!

It's not their parents who ask them to do it, is it?! Nor do you ever see their leaders do it themselves, do you?! You never hear of a 40+ year old bomber, do you? People grow up and smarten up, they know better than follow someone blindly and allow to be brainwashed.

The only way to stop it is to aim at the leaders who engage in this brainwashing.

It's a lot like the drug sellers and distributors. You can't just lock up and kill the drug addicts, because there'll always be those weak souls who need some guiding light and find it in drugs. The only way to resolve it is aim at the source - those who enable and provide the drugs.

shahbano said...

tall or short, there's one thing everyone can do, and that is pray.
no, things arent exactly okay. in fact they're screwed big time. but they will get better, they're bound to, haina?
just pray and thanks for being there.

Mariam Zahid said...

Thats the bitter truth v encompass in today's life!!!
I agree with what "mybrid" said.

People who do this r either money minded, or are brainwashed. The politicians who make such a thing happen, do this just for taking control over some country and to become superpower...

Our belief should be strong enough that nothing would shake it...