Thursday, May 04, 2006


I don't know, but ever since I remember people have somehow trusted me and told me their deepest darkest secrets. They have always been sure I'd hear them out..........but there is a limit.....I can't listen to more problems....cuz I'm stuck in so many myself. I wish I had some timeouts in life that I could use,because I can't play the game anymore. Or maybe as Kurt Cobain said......Better to burn out than to fade away!!!!!!!!


saad said...
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Arooj said...

better to burn out than to fade away... i agree with mr. cobain. keep life though. u'd be guilty as hell if sm day smbdy asked you fer it and u wdnt be abl to giv it

Mariam Zahid said...



poor thing for Aftab!!!

Cheer up boy!

Its OK, v wont tell u our problems from now on

mayya said...

people who hear others out are called toxic handlers, you should seriously take a break and sharing of secrets should be a two way thing