Saturday, July 22, 2006


A college fellow has been kidnapped by some people who're demanding ransom. Please pray for his safe return. I'll fill in the details once I get the real story. Been over a week now. Was in the newspapers too yesterday. I told you the world has gone insane. Any last light I thought I saw in the world is gone now. People just don't have emotions anymore. Kills me, honest.


mayya said...

ouch :(
thats terrible, I pray he returns back safely!
a friend's uncle was kidnapped some years back and while the family arranged the money those @#%$^$ kidnappers, killed him and dumped him in a pond :(((((((

Aftab Iqbal said...

Gosh......ppl can stoop so low :(

رنگِ حیات said...

I hope & pray that he's safe. Man.........what's up with these people ??? R they human or what ????

Mariam Zahid said...