Friday, August 11, 2006

Who am I?

Sometimes I wonder what our identity is? We are a confused nation. Our national language is Urdu, but our official language is English. Our deen is Islam, but our laws are British. Then all the confusion of the two poles; one of religion, the other of the world. And to add more confusion, we have traditions and customs that don't fit into either category. We also have Pervaiz Musharraf's " enlightened modernism', whatever the heck that is. I'd like to quote one Arab leader talking to the BBC. On question of that country still being ruled by a monarchy he replied " We believe in MODERNIZATION but not WESTERNIZATION" . Pretty deep if you think about it. Anyways, I know I'm jumping from thought to thought making absolutely no sense---but then how can I?? Do I know who I am??


well, u can guess who i am said...

But I know who you are.
This is how u can be described:

Aftab Iqbal, male, April 24th, unmarried, Muslim, Yemen, Pakistani, Islamabad (Pakistan), RMC, MBBS, English+Urdu+Punjabi+Arabic, MSN, Yahoo, orkut, hi5, pakonlineworld,

etc etc :)
Well, I deviated from the part u were talking about. Yeah sometimes we do get confused to choose from 2 sides. What to do!!!

Rang-e-Hayat said...

I know what U mean yaar. and trust me the age u r @...everyone thinks that. Mrs. Caulfield (my psycho teacher) taught us that.

oh and do lemme know who that person is ???? Just for my curiousity...

and don't day U'll know EXACTLY who u r !

oh and totally forgot to say:

Jashn-e-Aazadi Mubarak ! :)

Shakia said...

" We believe in MODERNIZATION but not WESTERNIZATION", aaa I love this phrase.

Eefa said...

...Where's that lifted from? ugghhh.. The last part reeks of "wholesale confusion"...
hehe jaz kidding ...if u can post more stuff on recent happenings in Pakland... talk of the few illegal bloggers of Pakistan :D