Sunday, October 23, 2005


Doctors Erich Segal...A must read! Posted by Picasa
" We have turned doctors into gods and worship their deity by offering up our bodies and our souls-----not to mention our worldly goods."And yet paradoxically, they are the most vunerable of human beings. Their suicide rate is 8 times the national average.Their percentage of drug addiction is 100 times higher.""They cannot live upto our expectations, their anguish is unquantifiably intense. They have aptly been called "wounded healers"
Barney Livingston M.D DOCTORS
Writing with all the passion of "Love Story" and the power of "The Class", Erich Segal sweeps us into the lives of the Harvard Medical School's class of 1962. The stunning novel reveals the making of doctors--what makes them tick,scheme,hurt....and love.From the crucible of med school's merciless training through the demanding hours of interneship and residency to the triumphs-and sometimes tragerdies-beyond.DOCTORS brings to vivid life the men and women who seek to heal but who must first walk through fire.

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I'm pasting something from ur own profile here, and that is
"In the memory you'll find me, Eyes burning up, Darkness holding me tightly, Until the sun rises up!!!!!!"

But.... I think this shud'nt have been there....
I'll tell u what u shud have written....
U shud have written

In the future you'll find me, my handwriting getting worse, not able to read what I wrote myself,
coz I'm gonna be the future Doctor "