Saturday, October 22, 2005

Things not to do!!

Ok,here is what not to do!!!Learned in the ER by actually doing what I was not supposed to do.Sigh

1- You don't put silver sulfadiazine ointment on face burns.

2- You don't give full dose Diclo TT to a kid!! Oops. I was later told that the kid would feel pain for a while. Sad.

3- You don't inject a DICLO TT IM rapidly, otherwise the patient would be cursing!! Oops again.

4-You don't give a kid an intragluteal IM while standing up, because the muscles are all tense.

5-You don't hold the syringe while giving a local anesthesia like a pen, Hold it like a flashlight and inject from the inner side (wound side) of the skin flap.

6-You don't give an IV into a canula without applying pressure on the IV line, otherwise the IV substance will go into the drip sac instead.

7-You don't make mistakes, otherwise the nurses will giggle to the extent that you feel there is no place on the earth where you could hide from embarrassment.

Now let's see what mistakes I make from now on!!! Man, med life is crazy!

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