Friday, October 21, 2005


Life nowadays is weirder than weird. After the earthquake everything has become unpredictable, that includes the college schedeule and the aftershocks. The aftershocks just keep coming and coming. And when they're not coming, you still feel as if the world is shaking. The college postponed our sendups to November and assigned us hospital duties. I got neurosurgery, in DHQ(the trauma center of Rawalpindi). It's sad seeing so many crippled kids. I met this man who had a daughter about 15 years old. He said that she had not got medical attention for three days. When my friends and I went to check her out, we found that she had burst fracture of the L2, L3 vertebrae. In short she had a really bad spinal injury. The girl was crying saying that tell me I can walk again. What's the use of being crippled for life? You can't even goto the bathroom yourself. Even a blind person is better, he can at least walk around. The father looked pleadingly at us and I choked. How could I tell him that his daughter would probably never walk again. All I could say was that keep faith. The man also had two daughters in PIMS with broken bones. He ahd not seen them for three days. This is the story of practically everybody in the neurosurgery ward. Anyways, we got our MO to see her and then cleaned her wounds.
There isn't much we can do there. After suctioning the secretions of few patients, we usually head to the ER. The ER is buzzing always. It is fun there, except for those stupid nurses who won't stop giggling when we make mistakes. Afterall, what do you expect from a third year medical student. The college also freed 2nd year to attend wards.Now there are so many people in the hospital, that it actaully hinders work. The ER is full of students, that also creates a market like scenario. Anyways, most of my friends have went back home, as they say there isn't much we can do. We also have studying to do for sendups. I wish I could help more, but a third year medical student has limited knowledge he can apply. Afterall this is our first clinical year. Besides injections, dressings and stitchings we basically just stand around.Okz, enough for today.Hopefully, we'll find a way to help the earthquake victims in a more meaningful way. To all of you reading this, try to contribute your two cents to help these people in misery. Who knows, we might find ourselves in the same situation!! Afteral, the world revolves around tit for tat.

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