Friday, October 21, 2005

First Post

Okz, here goes nothing!! This will be the zillionth time I will try to maintain a blog. And most probably, I'll fail miserably, cuz I'm such a lazy ass.


Anonymous said...

U neva know!!!


Anonymous said...

So, u want ppl to write comments for u!!!

:o Ahaan :o

What do u want us to write for u ???
Do u want us to laugh at u like those nurses do in ur hospital ??? :>
Or is it that u think v r "Faaltu" and have no other business to do ??? ^o)

Fine, v'll all come here and type whateva comes in our minds...

Gr8, that wheneva i'm frustrated, i'll come here and type whateva i want :P

And howd u get to know who's typing for u if its an Annonymous post ??? :o

So, did u guess who i am ???
Yes I think u can, coz I have a very unique style !!!


Aftab Iqbal said...

Anonymous...hehe...considering u can't write whatever u want on how stuff works..cuz noone will answer...this will be a real good forum..dun u think :)

Mariam said...

Yeah Yeah, whateva :P

I know I cant write whateva I want on how stuff works .

But..... How can u say that "this will be a real good forum"??? :o

Apnay hi Moonh, Miyaan Mitthoo
LOLZ :) :P

(BTW, this one's not an annonymous post :) )

Anonymous said...

HeHe......this has started out just like how stuff works....Only me and u posting!!! How about taking my post to a 100 *wink*

Aftab Iqbal said...

Note the anonymous post...lolz!!

mariam said...

oh hoho ho ho :o

Look who's speaking :o

So, now Aftab himself is sending anonymous comments :o

Aftab, u can do 1 thing, u keep posting anonymously, and then u can make it 100, balkay 100 kya, u can make it infinity :P


Aftab Iqbal said...

Now now....If I post myself alone , it will become how stuff works..we don't want that do we??

sumera said...

hmmmm aftab i read ure lateSt blog "LIFE" its really a great work u did... dat is to put all the pain a man is suffering now a days ...after earth quakes in a nut shell
writing dis blog is a gr8 work done by gr8 and superb man and dat is one and only AFTAB :)