Friday, October 28, 2005

Drinks Plz!!

MEMORY NUMBER 2:- After giving an exam, few of us friends decided to watch a movie in a cinema. So we all went to Ali's house.There we grabbed something to eat and in the evening headed Downtown, Cairo. Most of the cinemas had Arabic movies running,so it took us time before we found something in English. The cinema was more expensive than usual. Anyways, we all decided to watch the movie since we came so far.
We had the whole cinema to ourselves. Only a few other people besides us were there. So, we grabbed the best seats and started watching the movie. About half an hour later, a guy came and handed us drinks. Half of us took the drinks thinking that maybe they were part of the package(afterall they took double the normal ticket fare). After a while, the dude came back and demanded 30 Egyptian Pounds for drinks and service. We looked at him in suprise. The drink outside cost about half a pound and multiply that by 3, the total should have been one and half pound.Ok, the guy could have some commission but that much profit was insane!! We started arguing in broken Arabic. None of us knew proper Arabic except Zoheb but it was of no use. Zoheb, you suck dude!!! Since most of us came direct from school, we didn't have enough dough on us. All of us took money out of our pockets and somehow managed to pay the guy.
After the movie, all of us got together and assesed how much money we had. Turned out the six of us together had 1 pound. Lolz!! So we were foreigners in downtown Egypt late into the night with no money. Crazy!!Anyways, we started looking for a plan that was feasible and would get us home.
The subway turned out to be our best option. A ticket to my house in Dokki cost half a pound. So we bought two tickets. Ali and me went through the proper channel while the rest somehow managed to evade the security system. Once in the subway( or metro as the Egyptians call it), we were thinking about how we could elude the security the second time around.Fajr spoke up, " Don't worry! If we get caught, we'll tell them we're from the Embassy Of Pakistan and I'm the ambassador's son" "And the police would believe that the ambassdor's son can't even buy a half pound ticekt, huh??" I replied.
Amazing as it is, they again managed to dodge the security and we were safe outside. My house was nearby, so we all gathered there. My mom lent them money and everyboy reached home safe and sound!!! So, Mariam, what's the moral of this story!! Lolz!


Mariam said...


Moral of the story is

1) Being in an Arab Country (like I'm in Kuwait), u shud know Arabic (which I myself donno).

2) U shud not think that somebody wud be so kind to u & wud do some favour for u without asking for money. Afterall every1 is not so nice like me :)

3) If u grab the best seats, then u shud always expect that they also expect the best CASH from u!!!

4) After giving an exam u shud relax, instead of giving urself a mental tension like the 1 mentioned :)

5) U shud not expect that Mariam will visit ur blog to write Moral of ur stories...

hehehe, LOLZ

Thats all for today!!!


Aftab Iqbal said...

I thought that mariam will write the morals of all my stories....u got tired by the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!!!!!!

Mariam said...


Yeah yeah

As if Mariam doesnt have any other business!!!