Thursday, October 27, 2005

Flying cockpit!!

Well, since the blog is titled "Walk Down Memory Lane", It's only fair that I write few of the best memories I have of my life so far.

1-Standing in the cockpit of a flying plane:- Well you've got to admit, you envy me now,lolz!! Well, when I was on a PIA(Pakistan International Airlines) flight from Islamabad to Jeddah I got a seat next to a guy my own age. We started talking and funny as it is I don't remember his name. Anyways, midway through the flight three girls come up really excited and say something to him. He gets up face all smiling. Just when they start to leave, one of the girl says," Why don't you bring your friend along?" So the guy asks me to come along. I get up baffled and start walking behind them not knowing where the hell I was headed. When we get near the front of the plane, we see that there was this area with all seats empty except two. There a steward and a stewardess were sitting real close probably talking like some lovebirds. As soon as they see us, the stewardess flares up and says, " Where are you going?" The girls casually answer, " To the cockpit" The stewardess gets all red & starts screaming who gave you the authority.The next thing I know, all of a sudden the cockpit door flies open and the pilot says let them in!! Now, I am in total shock over what the hell was going on. The next thing I know, I'm in the cockpit of a plane and we were flying over Dubai!!!!!!!! The scene was awesome. You could see the sea kissing the edge of Dubai and tall skyscrapers standing out!! And you could see neat layout of roads and cars rolling along in such a disciplined fashion.The best was the sight of the white clouds below and the orange sun ahead. Simply, awesome. There were 8 people in the small cockpit, now. One pilot, one co-pilot, one flight attendant and 5 of us!!! The cockpit was full of knobs and lights and I don't know what. The plane was on autopilot and it was turning slightly itself. You could see the handle move clockwise and counter-clockwise after a while. The co-pilot had a map and I swear, I've never seen a more accurate and jumbo map. Every single topographic detail. Everything we were seeing outside, it was ditto on the map. So who were the girls?? Found out that one was a sister of the guy and the other two were his cousins!! And they somehow convinced the pilot to let them in the cockpit. They remembered their brother and came to get him. And I was sitting with the guy whose name I forgot. Lolz. What are the chances...lolz!!! Anyways, the pilots were real nice and gave us a briefing of the gadgets and talked about everyday stuff. They even got the stewardess to get us goodies. Ha ha...poor stewardess!! She was already boiling mad at us for ruining her date and now she to add salt to her wounds she had to serve us!! We stayed in the cockpit for quite a while. In fact stayed there till we got near Jeddah. Then, the pilots asked us to leave. We wanted to stay for the landing. But of course, that would be risky and besides there was no room in the cockpit.Anyways, it was one hell of an experience.

2- I'm tired of typing now. I guess, I'll write the rest later.


:P said...


Girls r good in convincing

Thats the moral of the story!


Aftab Iqbal said... whenever I want to go back into the cockpit....i grab u!! Lolz!! By the way u kay kitnay roozay ho gye...ure going faster than us!!!

Wohi !!! said...

Hamare 26 rozay ho chukay hain Alhamdulillah.

Its the 27th night now...

Extiinct said...

Wow. being in the cockpit is the next best thing to actually flying it!
Some experience=)