Monday, October 24, 2005

Medical College Ragging!!

Funny how time passes. Three years ago I entered Medical College and now my sister is at the same milestone. I remember how scared I was. My family all abroad in Egypt and me on my own for the first time in my life.Then, the horrible stories associated with Pakistani Medical Colleges. And yeah most of them came out to be true. Ragging or "Fooling" as they call it here is one hell of an experience to go through. Now looking back upon it, I laugh. Not at that time though.
In most of the other institutions in Pakistan ragging goes on for a day or two. Not in RMC(Rawalpindi Medical College). Here, it goes on until you reach second year.In other words, a full year!!! Here are few of the incidents that can be shared. The rest ofcourse are highly humiliating and censored.

1- An old final year senior caught me in the college corridor. A teacher saw him. She came running and asked why he was terrorizing an innocent guy like me(haha). The senior responded saying he was only getting to know me better. And he turned around, got hold of my hands and started talking as if he was the nicest person on the world. He said, " Why are you turning cold? I only want to get to know you" When the teacher left, he turned back into a warewolf and led me to a girl and ordered that I propose to her and not come back until I had convinced her. I went upto her reluctantly and proposed. She looked at me from top to bottom and then said," Do you see my shoes? I am going to smack you and the guy who sent you until you drop dead." And she stormed off. The senior got really pissed and got hold of my stuff and threw it onto the stairs. And he pulled me by the collar and lead me downstairs. There, two girls were sitting talking to each other. He ordered me to go up to them and better not screw up! I went upto them and prosposed to the cuter looking(haha...innocent guy). The girl thought of having some fun too. So she said, " Look I am in third year and you are in first year. Suppose we do get together, I'll leave after two years and you'll find yourself as a broken hearted Romeo. Why don't you goto a girl in your own class. Maybe someone will fall in your pittrap." But I had orders(haha). So I said, " No way I will marry only you" I started saying convincing dialogues. By that time, there was a scene. Loads of people were having fun at my expense. Anyways, I did get her to agree and she nodded in approval when the senior asked if she would marry me(haha).

2- Then, there was this time when we were having our basketball trials. The then third year seniors got hold of us. They asked us to climb the basketball pole and sit on the hoop. Before they could finish saying that, I was sitting on the top. They looked stunned and gave me a nickname," Tarzaan". Then, a third year senior saw a donkey in our college premises. He turned to me and said" Tarzaan, go get that donkey. Hold it's tail and walk ten steps in a place where we can see you clearly."I was very reluctant. Anyways, I did go and this time I caused roars of laughter. I was running behind the donkey like crazy. The donkey just kept on running and running and made me lap around the whole college.I behind and the donkey ahead. Imagine. It finally stopped at one corner of the college where his owner was working. I requested the owner to give me permission to hold the donkey's tail. He got a kick out of it and agreed without a hitch. In fact he gave me two donkeys(Oh brother). I got hold of it's tail and I could feel it getting tense. I was very scared that I'd get hit where no man wants to get hit by a donkey(yup you guessed it). Anyways, I did manage to walk ten steps without getting seriously injured.

3- Then, my first time on the college bus. As soon as I got onto the bus, a senior grabbed me by the collar and threw me onto a seat. Now that's not a good start. Anyways, the college bus was one hell too. Everyday I had to do something new. Like one day, I had to sing LinkinPark's "IN THE END" in front of all the bus. Another time, I had to perform a play. And loads of other stuff, that I really don't feel like writing.

4- The second day in medical college, and hostellites get hold of me. Now this is the worst case scenario. This is when they take you to their dorms/rooms and then really assualt you mentally and even physically. Sort of like the stuff that happens in faternities. Anyways, needless to say, the rest of the stuff is censored. I was lucky, as they let me go in about 3 hours. My roommate had to got through this assualt for 11 hours straight. It is a rule, that until every senior knows you and you know him, you will go through the torture. Some people went through fooling for as long as 4-5 months because they still didn't know everybody.

5- If you think senior girls don't rag. Think again. One rainy day, a fourth year girl alongwith her gang caught me. After a few music requests, she ordered me to dance with a tree. Yup, that bad.

This is just an insight to what happens in medical college. You really can't ever know, until you've been through this.Now of course, I myself am a senior!!! But I do miss the old days too. It was fun in the sense that there was always this feeling of uncertainty. You never knew what would come your way. Now whether fooling should be allowed, is of serious debate. I personally don't like degrading people. Now, you people tell me, what do you think of ragging and any incident that you recall.


Extiinct said...

OMG!!! The stuff you had to go through! Lol! You should have opted for medical colleges in Khi...things are definitely better here.

Question: Do you plan on ragging the new comers in the way you were?

Aftab Iqbal said...

Thanks for visting....well when I got to second year...I tried..but I'm too nice..I can't get myself to get such innocnet kids to do such humiliating I didn't rag too much...and in third year..I didn't rag at all! But I am not totaly against does build ure confidence...but i do beleive in limits.

Mera naam ..... Keep guessing!!! said...


It was fun reading. Infact few of the incidents I knew b4, but it was so much fun reading them in detail... LOLZ

Anyways, I dont belive in it. I mean, I just cant imagine ragging some junior or even somebody of my age too!!! :o
Its not good to humilitate somebody. And its against Islam too, right??? Huqooq ul Ibaad?

The Stop Ragging Campaign said...

You may want to have a look at the stop ragging site.

Aftab Iqbal said...

Dude....taht's one site you've got there....and yes, i totally agree with you now...i take my words ragging is better. Don't wan't someone to kill himself/herself. Luckily, noone in my college has attempted suicides...there have been many high profile incidents which have resulted in disciplinary action against the seniors though.

qu3st said...

hey...rotfl...i can totally relate to wot u went through....actually i was always on the other side of the raggin n my bully friends used to rag like was always fun and we made sure it was safe fun for all....well...i graduated this year and boy im tellin u enjoy till it last....and then house job is like a boot camp.....i wanna scream and tell the world enjoy every moment of ur student's life....after that its all over....well not all...ahem...but do hv as much fun as possible....

Aftab Iqbal said...

Funny...that's what we say everytime we're knee deep in when we were in matric..we'd say this sucks...and then in fsc...we used to say that matric was fun..fsc sucks...and then during entry test.....fsc was easy..entry test sucks...then during our profs.....entry test was a piece of sucks.....and i wonder if you're going to say after your're housejob....housejob was easy.....reisdency sucks!!!Lolz....oh by the job really does suck....all the yelling by the professors!!!!Himat hai!!

Anonymous said...

I am a girl i got admitted in rmc and i will be a hoestelite so any safety precautions for me plz reply