Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I don't know if it's the weather or I'm sick, but I feel awefully cold. If you shake hands with me, you would think you touched ice. That's part of the problem when I have to examine a patient. I don't want to touch pateints with cold hands , otherwise they'd tense up and if a kid scream(yes, that has happened to me :( ).
Anyways, Saturday's surgery ward test went suprisingly well. There were 15 seats in the room. After every three minutes the bell would ring and we would have to move to the next seat. On each seat there was a task to do while the examiners took a close look at our clinical methods. Like on the first seat, I had to palpate the patient's abdomen to feel for the liver. I warmed my hands this time, lolz.
The best though were these female doctors acting to be patients. I had to take one history. So one of them volunteered to be my patient. When I asked what her name was, she said Chandni Bibi!! Anyways, she had great fun confusing me with her history and catching my mistakes. Like, when I asked since when do you have a swelling in your neck. She asked, " What's a swelling?" That's when I realized I had to use layman words.So I had to ask , " Kab say aap kee gardan may guiltee hai?". After, I was finished, she reminded me that I forgot to ask her age and where she came from. And that was a relatively big mistake considering that she was a patient of an enlarged thyroid, because certain areas(like Murree) have very little iodine in the soil predisposing the people to goitre (enlarged thyroid). Anyways, since I arrived at the correct conclusion she gave me decent marks.
After my surgery ward test, Faheem(my former roommate) and I went to his brother's house which was empty and stayed there for a night having an all boys day out!! It was great fun. I think I did catch a cold there though, because we hung out so late at night without proper warm clothes.
Today, went with my sister to RMC for her medical examination and interview. I was suprised to find out, my teachers still remember me. I thought I was pretty umprominent. Now I guess, maybe I'm not!! My sister's medical went fine and now she is now officially a medical student. I hope she doesn't spy on my activities in college now though, lolz!


mayya said...

I have an excessively cold hands and feet syndrome too, and its a mighty good idea not to touch patients with cold hands, use a pockets wala jumper

thanks for dropping by

Mariam Zahid said...


Good to know that ur test went well.

And yes, that much knowledge v also have about iodine deficiency, leading to goitre, afterall, v studied the basics in school

And so, u also caught a cold :o
becharay!!! Looks like har jagah yahi haal hai :(

BTW, Congrats that ur sis got admission :)

asma said...

looks like u had a pretty tough time wid chandni bibi.... lol

seems like fun to me...

so ur all done wid ur exams? or anything practical or sumthing like tht left?

hey ... im in the top 10 in ma classs now.. wish me luck tht i atleast come in the top 5 after finals...

take care....