Tuesday, November 29, 2005


You will always find medical students constantly complaining. Why? Well, it's very simple. The tension involved in this field of study is immense. If we allow this tension to boil up, a nervous breakdown is inevitable. So we release the steam in the form we know best, venting it out on our friends!
It's our own fault that we chose this field. But it's not that we don't enjoy the challenges assosiated with medicine. We love being stretched to the limits. It brings a sense of satisfaction after a challenge is completed. And we strive for this feeling. Whenever, we have holidays, there is a sense of emptiness. A sense of being wasted. That is why doctors are one of the most hard working people you'll ever meet. It's because by the time we get our degrees, we're so used to long hours of stress that we can't live with out it.
We set very high goals and work towards them. Each and every one of us medical students, no matter how calm exteriorly has a burning desire to excel. And this passion is most visible during the Professional Exams. These exams, better know as Prof, are perhaps the most ruthless tests of a medical student's calibre. A set of written exams followed by gruesome oral and practical examinations lasting as long as a month and a half. One and a half month of absolutely nothing but studies and if not studies, thinking about studies. The Prof Time is here and now get ready for my whining!!!!!!!!


Mariam Zahid said...

Bad manners!!!

Achhay bachon ko apna ghussa kisi aur par nahin nikaalna chaahiye,

apne aap par hi nikaalna chahiye


Yes, u r rite,
ab mere andar doctors k liye respect barh gaya hai :)

(Note: If not a doctor, u could even be a writer, isn't it???)

Arianuz said...

The field is too saturated. I myself am a medical student, I will never quit complaining, because it is justified. The lack of medical universities, many small unregistered private medical fake universities and then ofcourse the lack of seats. More seats are reserved for F.Sc students and less for Alevelers. Ouch ! Why did I chose to take medicine? I am so uncertain about my future.

mayya said...

trust me every student whines, whether they're in grade 1 or studying nuclear physics and yep, no studies, no stress, no deadlines do bring an empty feeling *sigh*