Friday, November 25, 2005

RMC Sendup 2005 Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

Today had my forensic medicine sendup. For a change it went good. I also got my Pharmacology result. Thankfully, I passed. Yipeeeeee!! Scared of what my Pathology result will be like, because it went real bad!!!!!!! So please wish me luck!!Here is the SEQ portion.

Q.1 What is Shujjah? Enumerate and define it's subtypes. (1.5 , 5)

Q.2 Define medicolegal autopsy.Enumerate its objectives. (2.5 , 5)

Q.3 What do you mean by "TIME SINCE DEATH"? How does HYPOSSTASIS and RIGOR MORTIS help in its determination. (2.5, 2, 3)

Q.4 Give comparison of CLOSE RANGE an NEAR RANGE entry wound of a bullet. (7.5)

Q.5 Give autopsy findings of a person who died of starvation. (7.5)

Q.6 a) What are BATTERED BABIES. (3.5)
b) Conclusive signs of pregnancy. ( 4 )

Q.7 Write notes on

a) 337 L1 ( 4)

b) Injury ( 2)

c) Hurt (1.5)

Q.8 Give postmortem findings in CO poisoning. (7.5)

Q.9 Name tow DELERIANT POISONS. Give diagnostic featue of morphine poisoning in living. (7.5)

Q.10 Write short notes on

a) Delusions (2)

b) PhossyJaw (2)

c) EDTA (1.5)

d) Posion and Medicine (2)


Mariam Zahid said...

Hey, congrats :) that u passed ur previous exam and that, for a change ur today's paper was good :)

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did u eat something?

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