Tuesday, November 22, 2005

RMC Sendup Pathology 2005

I had my Pathology sendup today. The MCQ's were tough. There were 40 of them and the section worth 20 marks. Mainly revovled around STD's and I didn't study them. The SEQ portion i am posting here andit didn't go too well either. Oh well,life sucks!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have Forensic Medicine on the 24th.

Part 1 General Pathology 40

Q.1 Define Hyperplasia. Give the types with examples. (1+2)

Q.2 Discuss Type 4 Hypersensitivity. Give Examples. (5)

Q.3 Classify pigments. What is Albinism. (2 +1)

Q.4 List chemical mediators. Give the role of complement system in acute inflammation. (3+5)

Q.5 What is the fate of thrombus. Enlist 5 secondary causes of hypercoagulable state. (5)

Q.6 Give the gross and microscopic features of fatty change in liver. (5)

Q.7 Enlist TUmor markers. Give their diagnostic importance. (3)

Q.8 Give the difference between Benign and Malignant tumors in tabulated form. Explain term Carcinoma in Situ. (5 +3)

Part 2 Parasitology And Bacteriology 40

Q.1 Classify Spirochetes and name diseases produced by them. Name difference between Treponemal and non-treponemal antigen test? (5)

Q.2 Name two emerging and two re-emerging infections. Name three diseases produced by Mycoplasma.(1+3)

Q.3 Classify Atypical Mycobacteria. What is differe4nce between Ghon Focus and Ghon lesion. (3 +2)

Q.4 Define Enriched, Differential and Selective Media. (3)

Q.5 Name dermatophytes. Give laboratory diagnosis. Name oppurtunistic fungi. (1 +2 +2)

Q.6 Define Virus. How wil you differentiate between viral and bacterial meningitis in the examination of CSf in laboratory. Give causative organisms of meningitis according to age groups. ( 1+4+3)

Q.7 Name the Haemoparasites. Name different forms of leishmania. Draw the amastigote form of leishmania. ( 2+2+1)

Q.6 Write short notes not more than 50 words

a) TSI

b)TSS Toxic shock syndrome

c) Zoonosis

d) Nosocomial infections

e) Coagulase Test


Mariam Zahid said...

Write a short note on

1) TIC
2) APN

Good luck!!!

Aftab Iqbal said...

TIC.....take intensive care

APN......Addiction power of net....

So madam mariam yeh bacha pass hoa kay nahi :P

Mariam Zahid said...

full marks awarded to Aftab, I mean Doctor Aftab...