Saturday, November 19, 2005

You Know You're Asian When

You Know You’re Asian When…

1-When you tell your parents you got 98%, and they ask you what happened to the other two percent.

2-There is a sale on any item, you buy 100 of them.

3-You make tea in a saucepan.

4-You never buy bin bags, but use your saved grocery bags for it.

5-You put your clothes in suitcases instead of wardrobes.

6-You have a 'Singer Brother' sewing machine at home.

7-Your mother has a minor disagreement with her sister and doesn't talk to her for ten years.

8-You call an older person you've never met before "uncle".

9-You hide everything from your parents.

10-Your mother does everything for you if you are male.

11-You do all the housework and cooking if you are female.

12-Your relatives alone could populate a small city.

13-Everyone is a family friend.

14-Everyone always called you for help on homework.

15-You study law, medicine or engineering at university.

16-You were thick so you studied computer science or business instead.

17-You know no one who has studied music.

18-You went to a university as far away from home as possible.

19-You still came back home to live with your parents after you had finished.

20-Your best friend got married at the age of 18.

21-You like the meat well done.

22-You eat onions with everything.

23-You use chilli sauce instead of tomato ketchup.

24-You fight over who pays the dinner bill.

25-You say you hate Indian films/songs but secretly watch/hear them

26-You avoid public places when with a member of the opposite sex, especially if there is an acquaintance within a 250 miles radius

27-You always say "open the light" instead of "turn the light on".

28-You secure your baggage with a rope.

29-You're walking out of customs with your trolley at the airport and you see all twenty-five members of your family who have come to pick you up.

30-You get very upset when airlines refuse to accept your luggage which is just 80 lbs. overweight.

31-You go back to your parents' country and people treat you like a member of the royal family.
32-You ask your dad a simple question and he tells you story of how he had to walk miles barefoot just to get to school.

33-Your Dad drives a Nissan.

34-You're rich so he drives a Mercedes.

35-You are ALWAYS taking off and putting on your shoes wherever you go

36-When you were little you always wondered why your English friends waited until after breakfast to brush their teeth when you did it first thing in the morning

37-To your English friends, oil is used purely for cooking and not as a grooming aid

38-Your parents have nicknames but only because people they work with just stop when trying to read their names

39-You have annoying nicknames like Chotu or Chicku

40-Your parents call all your friends "Beta" (son/daughter)

41-Your mother measures wealth in gold and diamonds

42-Your parents drink 3 cups of tea a day

43-Your parents compare you to all of their friends' kids.

44-At least once a week your mom says, "I want to go to India/Pakistan"

45-No one ever seems to call ahead of time to say they are coming over for a visit.

46-Your parents worry what other people will think if you're not going to be a doctor/ engineer.

47-You're parent's always say while shopping abroad, "It's cheaper in India/Pakistan"

So then… Are YOU asian?


Mariam Zahid said...


Yes I am an Asian!!!

I can say that 80% of this is true with me.

Mybrid said...

Yes, I'm Asian. ;-)

mona said...

that was funny!
it sounds like egyptians many similarities, I love it, you really feel at home