Sunday, December 11, 2005

Contacts vs. Friends

Did anyone of you notice that MSN uses the word "contact" for the people online, while Yahoo uses the word "friend"??


رنگ حيات said...

Soooo ??? who cares ? I think Msn ppl r smarter not to call those ppl friend who put U on ur Block List :P

and U r saying that I read mushy mushy things...while the description U gave about Doctors sound Mushy Mushy. U said I'm a typical girl...okay I'm..So what? U r a guy and U read Mushy Mushy stuff too :P Plus u r saying that It's a must read... now what U wanna say about that Dr. Sahab???
anyways...It is really sad that they don't have public libraries there. I try to find Doctors in my school library 2morrow inshallah.

U take care
have fun studing :P lolz...while I'm gonna go watch a new movie or read my book like I did last night while U were studying like a Nerdo :P

Khuda hafiz

رنگ حيات said...

OH My Lord ! I hate doctors. aab mushy thora ho ya 100%..mushy to mushy hai nah. It was ur choice to study boring stuff...aur Doctors ko sab se pehlai Patient hona chahiyay. Mareez wala nahin...Sabar kernay Stop whining and Study Hard. I'm sure when U'll start making alot of money...U'll have fun 2 but 2 bad U'll be too old to have fun by then :P haha.
okay I'm gonna go study for my psychology crap. all brainy stuff. kal test hai but I'm gonna go finish my movie "lakeer" first :)

رنگ حيات said...

lolz...atleast it's a better time pass than whining. I've already watched lakeer like a zillion times but I like it's songs and ofcourse John so...lolz. I know u r kidding about 10 times charing thing right ? :( main to fees ka sooch ker hi bemar per rahi hon :P
I wanted to be a lawyer...but then I changed I wanna do Business Administration. Trust me I m better as a business woman. that's what every1 says.
thankx for the good luck :)

رنگ حيات said...

hahaha...that's funny. to aab tak aap kis kis bemari ko lag chukay hain Dr. Sahab?
is discount ka bohat bohat shukriya...main aap ka ahsaan hayat bhar nahin bholon gi.
Phychology is just an elective. It sounded fun and I love reading minds & the teacher is fun too (I knew her for a long time) so I took it.
okay hey the pizza is here so I'm gonna go for like 10 mins...I ate paratha and nahari in the morning but aab aa hi gaya hai pizza to atleast ik slice to kha hi lon gi main :)

P.S. would U mind if I del some of ur msgs???? I don't want the whole world to read our conversation. U can del mine too if U want. Do tell me if u would mind...

رنگ حيات said...
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samrina said...

well personally i dnt like yahoo messenger infect i dnt use messengers alot as i dnt chat alot but as u mentioned so noticed so being a business administration stu i wud see this from business or more precisely from marketing point of view n my opinion in this regard is that its a marketing technique use to play with human psyche, i mean Yahoo by using "FRIENDS" in place of "PEOPLE" used by MSN, want to make its users or customers feel more friendly n caring regarding relationships whereas may b MSN people didnt look this thing into that context n they have any other technique....
well i m not sure or not saying all this exactly but thats wat i think :)

mayya said...

beecause msn assumes that people will be using the messenger for business and educational purposes rather than just for social purposes :D

Anonymous said...

as far as i know...
both uses contact!!

which msn and yahoo version u have ??

Extiinct said...

I like Yahoo better. It's got a lot cooler features.