Friday, December 09, 2005


Back from my two day stay at RMC hostel. It was fun; brought back all the memories of old times. Went out at 2 in the night to drink soup and eat peanuts just like we used to a couple of years ago.
Anyways, this post is related to something else. Faheem, my former roommate, said that girls are more selfish than boys in relationships. And by relationships, he didn't only mean the typical girlfriend-boyfriend relationship but also the just "friends" relationship. He was like a girl will talk to you as long as she needs you. She usually needs you when she is emotionally unstable. Whenever, she stabilizes, she will forget you altogether. And she will show up again only when she feels lonely. A girl uses a relationship to her needs. And when her needs change , she will dump you. Then he goes on to tell about this girl who used to tell him about every single event in her life. They had a good just "friends" relationship. And then she disappeared. She keeps him on her block list. And only shows up when she wants him to make some assignments for her.
I will leave the conclusion to my readers :). Though, I also have several "contacts"( I don't bother to call them friends anymore) on my MSN list that dump me every now and then. And it does make me think Faheem is right. Girls are selfish. Of course there are exceptions. Lolz


رنگ حيات said...

wah wah wah....kya baat hai. sab kuch kehnay k baad...'ofcourse there r exceptions'. tell Faheem that I agree with him (SOME girls r like that) but he's making a generalization about all the girls.

anyways...thankx for stopping by. It's gonna take u a whole lot of time to read ALL my posts. itni dair agar study kari to shayad behter ho. but hey...exams kabhi to over hon gai hi. My space is right there so stop by anytime.

take care
study good
c ya

P.S. New Brain ??? mehnga paray ga...but I hope santa will get it for U :P

mayaboti said...

Relationships always arise from needs be it a man or woman. There is no absolute truth to which gender is more selfish. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Survivor said...

hmm... You know what Aftab, you are right. There are girls like that..Just like there are guys with the same attitude.

Well..from what I know ( not a whole lot)...If someone sees alot of girls with that kinda attitude ( like at a college...maybe) he may think that..

And that's my take on it..
and oh yeah...How'd your exams go..or are going?

Hit me back..( not literally..^Sigh^ not a very funny person....)

amnah said...

i doubt i'll second the thing you wrote entirely.

and yes.i am not one of those whore included in the 'who are you to say that.g|rlZ b3 beTtAh tHaN guYsZzxssx' lot.


رنگ حيات said...

Perfect endings don't make a story GREAT ! I read this thing (my entry) last week in a book "Love Story" by Erich Sehgal. It was a good book but was SAD. May be that's y it leaves a long lasting impression.

waise....what do u mean by 'why wait till the guy dies' ?? ose marnay se pehlai hi maar daina chahiyay kya ??? just wondering.... r ur studies going ???

take care
c ya

رنگ حيات said...

hahaha....Exactly ! that's y the director made tons of MONEY. baat dair se samajh main aye magar aa hi gaye...nah JK.
no u don't have to die to make ur love story as a long lasting memory for others. Make the GIRL die ;) after all....girls r selfish right ?

رنگ حيات said...

to tell u the truth...right now I do have a red nose. It's freezing in the basement where I'm sitting right now.
hmmm Doctors & Prizes ? U sound like a Nerdo :P

C U already got ur present and U don't even know it yet. agar present nahin milta to perhaye kernay ka khayal kaise aata ???
okay hey I better get outta here too before I freeze to death and as U said: Girls can't Die and I think I shouldn't coz if I will then who'll tell u that there r still girls in this world who r not selfish :)
u take care too : of urself and of Santa's present.
I'll c ya laterz


رنگ حيات said...

Calm down man ! Relax Dr. Sahab.
main bus mazak ker rahi thi. huh lemme tell u a Secret: One of my friends say that I'm a Nerd B) so don't take that personally.
I don't read mushy mushy cry cry librarian recommended me that book so I gave it a try. waise lemme recommend U a book: The Kite Runner by Khaled Hossieni. It's Awesome. I liked it. Gemme a little summary about Doctors and I'll try to find it in library.
I use Msn Spaces More often but I do check blog spot regularly for comments.

llanin said...

Ofcourse, faheem is right. Girls are selfish than boys.

mayya said...

yes I agree girls are selfish that boys, but you know why??!!! BECAUSE boys do not open themselves up to anyone and do not wish to talk about themselves and they have huge egos which prevent them from asking girls to do things for them like assignments and they keep themselves walled up!!! so that leaves girls exasperated :p and hence they block them

Arooj said...

yaar every human being is born with a selfish instict. for some, time and events in life nurture this instinct and they becum awfully ghatiya. for others, they still remain human. gender doesnt apply to it at all... i guess :)