Sunday, January 15, 2006


My viva (oral exam) for Pharmacology is scheduled for Friday. The external examiner will most probably be Brigadier Najmi of Army Medical College (I think) and the internal examiner is o Head of Department and former Principal of our college, Rawalpindi Medical College, Dr.Shahnaz Aftab. Both are notorious for failing students and have built up a reputation for scaring the shit out of us students. And like other medical students, I too am literally peeing in my pants (sorry for the relatively foul language....But this will emphasize my feelings more accurately). Dr.Shahnaz Aftab during her tenure as Princpal stripped our Class Representative and Girl Representative of their offices because they asked permission for a class function. She said that she thought this was a "bahana" for taking girls out on a date. Anyways, this is a long story and I"ll get to it on some other post. She also wants all the boys to dress up in ties, comb their hair nicely, brush their teeth, shave their beards, and polish their shoes before entering her office. She said boys smell so bad that she has to turn her face to the other side before proceeding with the viva.
And if I wasn't scared enough, I just learnt yesterday that the external of Pathology will be General Hannan. And the Head of Department himself is scared of what might transpire. He is running around telling us students to prepare Microbiology very well. General Hannan is a very experienced and reputed teacher of Microbiology and also taught our Head Of Department Dr.Abbas Hayat.
So I have some real studying to do, and I don't know where to start where to end. This is going to be one tough month :(. I hope Allah Helps me get through this in once piece. Ameen.


mayya said...

awwww, that sounds so stressing :/
G`luck! Study all you can and pray the same

Survivor said...

sounds really hard,...good luck.. And take care to groom urself before you take any oral exam..

saad said...

I got the same problem when we had to deliver our final project for my BS(IT)Hons ... like ur's brig. mine was he was such a person (beg ur pardon..) I wont calll him a person...or whatever...just you can think im getting sigh

heh I keep on switching my blog...I hope this would be the last one.... I got with new plz have a look

Extiinct said...

hey chill out a bit. You will do well. and stop stressing yourself. whatevers gonna happen will happen.

That said Good luck! you totally need it. Hehe

No seriously, yopu'll be in my ptayers. keep us posted.

Mariam Zahid said...
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Mariam Zahid said...

So sad,
Too bad,
For the trouble u had,
Which makes u mad.

But i'm glad
That u r trying hard
To get good report card.

U have good scope
So neva lose hope.

Be like real Aftab,
That comes after dark
Makes the world bright
With its awesome light.

Hope u've understood
& will Insha Allah do good.

I wish u all the best
May Allah succeed u in all quest! (Aameen)

asma said...

hey there aftab.. u will do well.. nthing to be scared of....

i have updated my blog... hav to work on tht more.. coz im bored of tht same deisgn n everything... i thnk i might chg ma blog add...

u tc.. and best of luck