Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Stress Unlimited!

The viva is a few days away and already I have freakin butterflies in my stomach. I can't stand the feeling anymore. It's killing me. By the viva date, I don't think I'll even be able to stand on my feet!! And my turn for the viva is at the end of the day, so like I'll spend 3-4 hours waiting outside watching people either come out happy or crying! Either way, by the end of the day I'll definately get stress ulcers. Most of you people won't understand why all the fuss. The Prof is everything to a medical student. Failing is not an option, because if you do , you'll have to repeat the same damn procedure with written and orals. There is no way in the world I can go through this agony again. After four months of exams and exams, no way I can live through going through it again!!!!


Mariam Zahid said...

Array bhai, dont worry, otherwise other doctors will have to treat u

رنگ حيات said...

awww...waise I'm quite sure that U have already released alotta ur stress by whining :P so No Worries now.

sab acha ho jaye ga inshallah.

mayya said...

I can so relate to the stress walay horrible ulcers :S

do your best, ask your mum to pray, pray 2 rakats namaaz hajat right before the exam, inshAllah everything will be ok

samrina said...

Be confident n have faith in Allah. If u had worked hard n prepared urself honestly for viva then no need to scare at all. Ur Allah is with u.

Naush said...

ur in third year too ? wow ,..ah well i'm already in fourth year so i'm technically ahead of u ,..haha ! so where r u at ?

saad said...

heh man.....long time and no posts ????

Arooj said...

hahahahaa :) u sound like a nervous wreck.. im sure ull do excellent yaar
best of luck

*traces of flu and cough left*
*final sem abt to begin frm this mon. sux!!*