Friday, January 20, 2006

Viva Unleashed!

9:00 Clock A.M :- We are called in for prescription writing and P drugs of two cases
1- A case of Uncomplicated UTI....prescription and P-Drug both.
2- A case of asthma.
In 20 minutes we hurridely, wrote down the P Drugs and prescriptions.It went fine.

9:20 Clock A.M to 12:00 Clock A.m:- Spent nervously walking to and fro in the corridors waiting for my turn and rushing to every person who came out to ask what was asked. Tension level past body limits. Now too tired to think about the tension. Barely able to stand.

12:00 A.M :- Finally get called in. Walk to the table. Sign my attenance and go and sit in front of the external.

Q.1- Tell me the clinical uses of Metronidazole?

Ans:- Choice of drug in C.difficle infections. Used in amoebiases, giardiases, and anaerobic infections below diaphragm.

Q.2- Which drink would you avoid while on Metronidazole?

Ans. Alchol. Gives disulfiram like reaction.

Q.3- Any other drugs you can think of that should not be taken with alchol?

Ans. 2nd and 3rd generation cephalosporins mainly cefamandole, cefperazone, moxalactam and cefotetan.

Q.4-What ring of cephaloporins contributes to this effect?

Ans- Methylthiotetrazoles.

Q.5-This ring also causes another toxicity. Related to blood I tell you.

Ans. * Stares into space* Sir I Have no idea!! You're going good kid, think about it. *Pretends to think about it but really has not a single clue what he wants to hear* It causes hypoprothrombinemia kid.

Q.6 -What will you give in Hypoprothrombinemia?

Ans- Vitamin K.

Q.7- What other conditions can you think of in which you will use Vitamin K?

Ans. Warfarin overdose.

Q.8- What will you do in Heparin overdose?

Ans. Adminster Neutral Protamine Sulphate

Q.9- What type of anatagonism is this?

Ans. Chemical antagonism

Q.10- Have you heard of INR?

Ans. *Shake my head....Aftab has no clue*

Q.11-What will you use in acute gout?

Ans. Indomethacin.

Q.12- Why not aspirin?

Ans. Because aspirin raises uric acid level below 4 grams. And above 4 grams it does have a uricosuric effect but coupled with the risk of increased sideeffects.

Q.13- When is asprin used in low doses?

Ans- Post MI and prophylactically in high risk heart patients. Has antiplatelet effect.

Q.14- Major toxicity of cyclophoshamide?

Ans- Bladder carcinomas. * Sir says no what happens before that. Aftab answer haemturia. Sir answers haemorrhagic cystitis*

Q.15- What is DOT?

Ans. Direct Observational Therapy....especially used in TB where patient compliance is low.

Q.16- When is aminophylline used?

Ans. Acute attack of asthma.

Q.17- Do you know aminophylline is made up of two compounds?

Ans- * Aftab doesn't answer....though compelled to say must be amino..the other phylline..hehe*

Q.18- Cannibis Indica gives rise to cannibinnoid derivatives that have antiemetic effects. WHat is their special use?

Ans- * Aftab stares bewildered at the examiner. *

Q.19- What is misopristol?

Ans. Prostaglanin analogue used in peptic ulcer patients taking aspirin.

Q. 20 Your rollnumber?

Ans. 1398

Now I go and sit in front of the internal.

Q.1-Uses of Metronidazole?

Ans- *Aftab says not again!!!!* Anaerobic infections.

Q.2- Indirectly acting adrenergics?

Ans. Amphetamine. Methamphetamine.

Q.3 Uses of Amphetamine?

Ans. ADHD. And abused by students for its mild altering effects.

Q.4 Toxicity of Digoxin?

Ans. GI disturbances. Yellow colour vision defect. Arrythmias.

Q.5 Treatment of toxicity?

Ans. Lidocaine, Phenytoin and Digoxin immune FABs.

Q.6-Contraindications of B- blockers?

Ans. Asthma, Av nodal block and type one diabetes.

Q.7- Uses of erthromycin?

Ans. Choice of drug in Corynebacterium Diptheria infection. Used in upper respiratory tract infections.

Q.8 - Roll Number?

Ans. 1398

And I get to walk out of the room!!!!!! Today was, I think, the longest viva I have given in my life. It went pretty ok I think and am so relieved that I'm done with Pharma VIva. It is the biggest hurdle in this years prof. Okz, me out.....have Pharma Practicals tomorrow. Thanks for each and every one of you that left a comment and remembered me in their prayers. :)


Survivor said...

great job dude.... Congrats..and good luck for ur practicals

Mariam Zahid said...


It looked like a story [:)]!!!

Wow, cool dialogues

Arooj said...

hardly understood it.. hehehe.. sounds lyk french to a fashion major but u did hav all the answers.. best of luck with the rest larkay :) im sure ull do berry berry well

Arooj said...

shakespeare is weird, i totally agree... but smthng he said werre beautiful :) pity, all u can remember is to be or not to be :D :D lol...
uff, i so dont want to go tom to skool... :) i want moreeee holidays... i knw how u to-be docs think.. have a cuzin in third yr also.. lol... dats all she does too. but im sure ull turn out to be a superb doc with a hand fer creative writing.. InshAllah :)

Extiinct said...

Glad you did okay. When does this torture end though? Had ho gaye!2 mahine se chal rahe hain exams. How to you endure it?

Us commerce majors have it so easy in terms of papers.

asma said...

hope everythings ok wid u. i msgd u but no reply frm u. best of luck wid ur viva on the 31st. i finished reading doctors. an excellent book

will talk to u later. if u get time.. sms me...