Friday, February 17, 2006

Dr.Mussadiq Khan

Yesterday had a interesting surgery lecture taken by Professor Dr.Mussadiq Khan, Principal Rawalpindi Medical College. Found out

1- According to Dr.Mussadiq, our class has no "zooq" for arts. We couldn't identify a single painting/drawing nor any historical figures and mythical gods. By the way, could anybody tell me why the snake is a symbol of medicine??

2- Our society is a hippocratic society in which we preach something and practice something else. Our professors teach us bedside manners which they themselves never practice e.g like taking consent from a patient, keeping the patient informed of his disease and prognosis, maintaining privacy and dignity,etc. Ours is a society in which on the same road we see a man on a donkey and a man on a Mercedes Benz.

3- Hippocratic Oath has a part in which it says that I shall not use a knife on my patients. The reason being that in the old days it was not the job of doctors to perform surgery. It was the job of barbers. For years and years, barbers continued this pratice till a few centuries ago there was a conference of surgeons and barbers. There it was decieded that surgeons shall only perform surgery and not cut hair and vice versa....lolz. Also in our part of the world "hakeems', who never performed invasive procedures, were given more respect. They were given the seat next to the king. It is only in the last few hundred years surgeons gained respect in society. It is also the reason why surgeons prefer being called Mr. instead of Dr.

4- The amount of responsibility lying on the shoulders of a surgeon is immense.Here you are allowing a man holding a knife to cut you open, whereas in real life you would slap that person if he dare pinched you.

5- Principal is real cool guy. Gives his lectures in the most informal style!!


Survivor said...

some very interesting and true observations..

Sounds like a nice lecture..

saad said...

Sounds intersting lecture. I guess he is analytical by instinct too... :P

Mariam Zahid said...


Found out new things reading the post...
I like the 5th point... If the teacher himself is friendly, then it creates a good atmosphere for students, and makes them remember it for long...

pSycho-baBbler said...

ummm i can't be sure but i think that the winged thing behind the generalized 'medicine' logo symbolizes this greek god who was the god of healing. and the snake symbolizes healing too because wayyyy back then snakes were seen as sacred, pure, healing animals.


my dad told me that by the way. he's a doctor.

Old rawalian said...

This is a public service message given in spirit of philanthropy.

Pink panther (as we fondly called Dr Musaddiq in our days at RMC) is a darn good teacher; we at RMC always knew that, the top students of each class aspire to do internship (housejob) in his unit...but that's only the nice half of the story.
Unfortunately there is a sordid side to the tale as well.
Our dear teacher has been involved in various cases of sexual ...lets say exploitation of the female students of the college. There have been complaints occasionally but of course nothing was ever brought out into the open; the girls themselves would never speak up in public for obvious reasons. So it has always been a hushed affair. A few of his very near friends are also in it with him...

This is not for the purpose of maligning someone but only to WARN the female students to beware and tread very carefully around him. And please do not be afraid to launch a complaint to higher authorities should such an unfortunate situation arise.

The facts are sad, but it is much better to know about them so that we are better able to confront the.

Hope none of you ever comes across the uglier face of the life-saving surgeon and the highly respected teacher.

All the best!!

Anonymous said...

Criticism is present in every society , but as islam says that dont bother to believe on rumors until and unless u have seen that matter urself so dont waste ur energy on spioling other people image if u have no evidence about it.
A well known professor, a good teacher and a caring surgeon is what i know personally about him. He is one of the best surgeons known to me in pakistan.

cyberdoc138 said...

I strongly disagree with comments of so called old rawalian.
Dr mussadiq the person whom i knew very closely,is a true gentleman.
A kind and noble heart.
Treats his students as his sons and daughters so Mr old rawalain you better poke into your own issues rather of sniffing around !