Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hepatitis.....Fear it!!

Taking histories of patients over an year, I've realized most of the patients in our wards suffer from

1- Chronic Liver Disease

2-Heart Problems mainly encompassing Congestive Cardiac Failure and Angina.

3-Infectious diseases mainly Tuberculosis, Water and Food borne Diarrhoea.

4- Thyroid related problems.

5- In pediatrics 90 percent of the cases are of Pneumonia,Diarrhoea, Dehydration and Malnutrition.

As our principal pointed out, the only real treatment of Chronic Liver Disease is Liver Transplant which unfortunately is not available in Pakistan. So a person with liver disease has to travel abroad to countries like India, China, UK, and USA. The treatment costs are in excess of a whooping One Crore Ruppees. Since prevention is better than cure, I would advise all of you to get yourself vaccinated against Hepatitis B, a viral agent known to cause Liver Disease. Remember

****Hepatitis is many times more infectious,in terms of percutaneous exposure than the feared HIV virus. The chances of getting HIV after a percutaneous exposure is o.3% , while Hepatitis B is upto 40%. So why are we more afraid of HIV than Hepatitis? I'm not playing down HIV. Just trying to get the point across that Hepatitis is as deadly if not more deadly. And the most important fact is that vaccinations are available for Hepatitis B, unlike AIDS. Hepatitis B has been associated with liver cancer. So, go and get yourself vaccinated.


saad said...

Thankx Bro. I'll insha Allah take care of. Though I have heard much about lever failure and other stuff. My grandma came from India to Pak for Kidney Translpantation, as there are some surgery crimes in India as well. On the contrary, HIV, is fearing too. As far as I know :D, in HIV, the defence immune system of the body become useless. I mean defence mechanism becomes end so any disease can catch. Anyway, thankx alot for sharing such information. And it will be too good if you keep on suggesting some better advice on hot issues; i mean diseases.

cheers :)

Shakia said...

ooh now I know why you were talking abt hepatitis... apke demag ko exam karna parega..

Mariam Zahid said...


Oh my God!!!

U're horrifying us!!!

Mariam Zahid said...

I shud tell ppl to bookmark bcoz it gives us all free medical advice...


May Allah bless u!!!

Mybrid said...

Couldn't agree more about the vaccination for Hepatitis B. My relative is in the Inventors Hall of Fame for inventing the vaccine for it. I wrote in my blog about him. I visit him once a month at the Nursing Home.

Definitely important to get this vaccine!

mayya said...

how many teeka's does one have to get for this vaccination?

asma said...

i did tht bcz there were other 25 guys in tht room! and he didnt ask any one of them ke wat r thse signs fr?!!
duty mere waqt hi yaad aye.. thts y i was soo mad at him!

Aftab Iqbal said...

@mayya:- There is the 4 dose and the 3 dose scheme.....irrespective of what scheme u choose, get ureself vaccinated...i had the 3 dose scheme on me....first at 0, second at 1 month and third at 6 month.....!

pSycho-baBbler said...

my goodness. u sound like my dentist sister :/