Thursday, February 02, 2006

Forensic Viva

At 9:00 O'clock we are called in for forensic medicine spotting. Like toxicology there were ten spots. This was even more ridiculous than toxicology because in some spots we had to answer as many as 4 questions in 40 seconds. They were related to which laws would apply to injuries to the skull and other parts of the body. There were a couple of microscopic specimens: animal hair and chicken RBC. Spotting went ok.
At 11:00 O'clock I am called in for Forensic Medicine Viva by our Head of Department, Dr.Rizwana Qayyum. I went and sat. She took my progress card and looked at it carefully.

" So you used to study well . Got 31 in the first two tests and then decided there was no need to work hard huh?? Why did your grades start dropping? And why are you so weak? Don't you get anything to eat? Are you a hostellite?"

" No maa'm."

" Hain?? How many brothers and sisters you have?"

" 3 sisters"

" So you the only son huh? You go home today and give your mom a message on my behalf. Ask her doesn't she love you. Why doesn't she give you something to eat......"

" No ma'am I eat a lot. It's a genetic predisposition I guess"

" Today is the age of genetics. Name a few genetic disorders."

" Down Syndrome, Turner Syndrome, Tay Sach's disease, Phenylketonuria."

" How will you identify identical twins.?They have the same DNA fingerprints."

" ma'am by Dactyloscopy."

" Someone must have told you...How do you know? Seems question leaked out"

"Maa'm everybody knows the answer to this one. You've been asking it since yesterday.'

"Hain?? I've asked this on other days too??"

" I'll tell you the reason behind why we use Dactyloscopy. It's because non-coding regions are involved in fingerprinting and that's different in every individual."

" How will the putrefaction process be affected by antibiotics?"

" It will be slowed down as bacteria are involved in putrefaction. Clostridium Perferinges is the one most involved. It produces lecithinase which lyses the cells.'

" What is Casper-Dictim?"

" Given all the conditions are the same, the rate of putrefaction in water is 2 times, and in soil is 8 times that of air."

" Why do we take soil samples during exhumation?"

" For the sake of a control. There is a classic story of a rich man in England who had many wives. His wives died one after another. Scotland Yard decided to investigate and exhumed all the bodies and found the arsenic content high in the soil around the burial site. The man was sent to the gallows even though he protested his innocence. Years later a curious student decided to check soil samples from the graveyard. And found that the arsenic content was high in all areas. That is arsenic was already present in high amounts."

" What happened to the man?"

" He was executed ma'am."

" So what was the use?"

" ma'am a student investigated years after. It's just a lesson for us.'"

" What is Kennadian Phenomena?"

" When the firearm complex is destroyed."

" Tell me the whole story."

" J.F.K , former president Of USA, was shot dead In Dallas, Texas by a guy named Oswald. J.F.K was rushed to a hospital where the surgeons destroyed the wound of entry and its track while operating on him. This resulted in faulty autopsy and loads of rumors amongst the public. Since the firearm complex was destroyed, reverse construction of the projectile of the bullet became a difficult task. This fundamental error(destruction of firearm complex) is known as Kennadian Phenomena."

" Good. You may go now."

:) So that was how I got rid of Forensic Medicine. Sorry am not posting lately. I am done with my exams but have guests at my place. So I get little time. I'll try to post whenever I get time. Keep visiting and now start praying for my result..hehe.....Thank God exams finished....Such a relief!!


Survivor said...

great job... Don't worry Inshallah you'll do good.

U really must have impressed Dr. Rizwana...

Neway.. good luck with ur guests...and don't worry about needing to post.. U have fun...

See ya...

saad said...

well what we call it "Shaitaan ki Aant", has ur viva ended or still got stuck in it. Sounds to me a very tough job. Buh' anyway, hope things will get soon better.

Anonymous said...

so u posted a comment on ma new blog too.. wel.. dono same hi hain. so exams over. and now enjoying .. hav a great time wid the guests.

talk tou later

Mariam Zahid said...


So u used to study well :O
and then decided there was no need to work hard :O
I thot u still work hard :)...

And did u convey her msg to ur mom ??? what did ur mom say ???

And tell me secretly, how much did u pay to get the question paper leaked??? :P