Monday, February 06, 2006

Zindigi Chaal Rahee Hai Dairay May!!

Hmm...well done with my "Shaitaan kee aant' exams as one fellow blogger pointed out. Thank God. These few months have been one of the toughest I've been through. And my stomach is still feeling its effects. Will be sometime before normality is restored. I'm so sick of exams and college that I have decided

a) I will not post about my Pathology Viva. I've had enough of exam shit. And besides, then it makes me worry about my result. And there is no way I can stand a month and a half of more tension.

b) College authorities started college from today which is bullshit because we're already too used up to think about college. They should give us time to recharge. Since the college authorities won't listen, I've decided to take a week off and chill and not worry about shit. Shit can wait.

That's all for now.


Survivor said...

hey... yeah.. after all that time of exams and tension... Ur right
"Shit can wait."

Neway Try to rest up this week so U can get back to classes with out being too tired.. Don't just sit in front of the TV or computer adn let ur mind sleep the whole day..

DO something to exercise ur mind..A little.. so that U dont strugggle when u get back to classes...

alright..have fun..

saad said...

Yea' I guess, you need a lil rest. But I agree too with survivor that do something constructive rather just sitting idle. Heh, advising you and doing nothing at my own...Sigh*

asma said...

so u have decided not to attend colege for 1 week?!

well. it was nice talkin to u the other day, though fr a short time. next tmie wen ur online let meknow.
and hav fun

Extiinct said...

finally! congragulations on getting through them. And enjoy the week you're taking off=) or better yet sleep the week off.

Mariam Zahid said...

Assalamu Alaikum

Good to know that ur exams r over and that u r taking a week off...
And, whateva u miss in college this week, u can cover that up, by asking Miss Mariam ;), heheh Just kidding! Me and Medical science, No WAY!!! :)

Now relax, and watch cricket, India vs Pak, and learn things like "obstructing the field" and "Duckworth Lewis system" :)

Mariam Zahid said...

And yes, u'll find something new in my blog


رنگ حيات said...

U can't access to my space bcoz it's closed for a couple of days due 2 moharram.

So U r done with all the exams and everything??? Take a break yaar....perh perh ker poray pagal nah ho jana :P

U can always leave me msgs on my Chatango MINI* and I'll reply to u. I'm also leaving my Forum's link here so U have post there too if U want to....

Oh by the way...I was wondering how I received 2 EXACT SAME msgs from ur id and one from Survivor's id. I think it was really weired....the msgs were the same...

khair hope to u c again Nerdo

oh yaar yeh word verification to hatao plz....lagta hai jaise CSI ka koi crime scene ho aur id dikha ker aana jana perta hai :P

Arooj said...

shit can wait?!!~ lolol... i luv the line!