Saturday, June 17, 2006

Boys Don't Cry!!!!!

Feel like crying....fuck noone...everybody is just waiting for an oppurtunity to get a chance to knock you down...but this time it hurt.........real bad.


Survivor said...

woah.. Aftab.. BRo.. What happened?!?!?.

And look, before you let anyone get in a position to hurt you, make sure they are the kind of person that won't hurt you..

But, You're fine now.. COme on, Don't let them get to you..

mayya said...

ouch :/

رنگِ حیات said...

"People who cry their heart out loud r NOT always Weak"

waise tumhain tang kis nay kiya ??? tum bus naam batao aur last uthao ! itni himmat kisi ki k tumhain tang karay maire hotay howay ???? Be happy man & don't let any mother F**ker get U ! ahem ahem (Sorry for the language....dost ka dard deekha nahin gaya )

apna khayal rakhna
khuda hafiz

P.S. holla @ me if U need me okay !

Mybrid said...

Boys don't cry. They curse. They drink. They take it out on loved ones.

My suggestion - find a good close friend to confide in and talk it out.

Or share it in a blog with complete strangers who don't know you.

Life will always have ups and downs, chalk up the "down" to a lessons learned. We get better with experience. We learn from mistakes.

Viscous said...

come on mr aftab, pharma can teach you how to survive bloody drug names, didnt life teach you how to survive these fuk heads??
your friend.