Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer Vacations!!!

I haven't been posting lately because nothing much has been going on. Not that I'm complaining this time. Need some time for life to slow down and me to catch up.
The world cup has been living up to its expectations till now and with the round of 16 fast approaching , it will definately get real dramatic. Not that there hasn't been any drama in the group stages. Ecaudor and Ghana qualifying for the round of 16, nobody expected that. I wish Ivory Coast qualified. They played so well and I'm a big fan of Drogba. Coming to the goals. The ones that I loved

1- Frings scoring that last goal in the opening match of the world cup against Costa Rica. The way the ball curved, truly amazing.

2- Joe Cole's strike against Sweden. That needs no words. Reminds me of Ronaldinio's goal last world cup.

3- That Odonokor cross that resulted in a goal in the injury time in Germany's match against Poland. That was class. I don't remember who was at the end of the cross, but Odonkor is one fast kid. I heard he runs a 100 meters in just over 10 seconds. You do the math yourself.

Gerrard has been my favourite player so far. I love the way he plays in big matches. Always able to stay calm, composed and score goals. A gem of a midfielder.
Klose is doing it again; scoring goals like crazy!!! I think he might win the golden boot this time around. What do you people say?
And to round off football. What's up with France? They seem to be in trouble again!!!!! And Brazil, well no offence to their talent, but I don't want them to win the world cup this time around.

And lastly, I think I've found a new crush. Mindi, from beauty from BEAUTY AND THE GEEK. Lolz!!!! That's all for now.

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رنگِ حیات said...

lo bhayeeee......complain ker k kehtay hain janab k 'not that I'm complaining this time....' Had hi ho gaye yani k...

yo I HAVE to google this mindi girl (a beauty who has a geek's heart) hahaha...


P.S. I'm doing good (U asked so I'm telling U)