Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Toofan :(

I want to go someplace where nobody knows me and where I know nobody,so I can just have time to think my life over. I just need some time alone with no worries. I just want to sit on the sand watching the waves. I just want to see the sun rise.I just want to enjoy the calmness of life, rather than live the hecticness(is it a word??) of life.

** Zindigi hai ya toofan
** Hum tu is jeenay kay hathhoon mar chalay.


Survivor said...

hey.. There is such a place.. Where u can be alone..

Where you can actually seem to look at yourself from the outside..

See yourself in a movie.. Yet not part of it..

That place..... is in ur mind.. and in ur heart...

I do it alot.. When ever I need support.. need guidance.. Need a strong hand to brace my faultering step.. I dig deep inside.. see my family, my friends.. They're all there.. Joking around at first.. but I can see the seriousness in their eyes..

I take my strength from that..

Open my eyes.. and am ready for anything in this world again..

Mybrid said...

You're way too young to have these feelings already. Take care of yourself!