Saturday, July 08, 2006

***That it Once Did***

Right now there is nothing new going on in my life, or maybe I don't feel like writing like I once did, because it doesn't satisfy me anymore. Not that I claim to be a writer, most of what I wrote was crap but it didn't matter, because it was for me. And since I feel, what I write now is no longer fulfilling the purpose that it once did, I am temporarily giving this blog a vacation. Maybe it will come back from its leave, maybe not. But either way, it was great fun.


Survivor said...

Thats fine dude.. Take some time and think about everything.. and Really sort it out.. Plan for the next academic year.. Not a strict plan. But sortuva guideline. Plan not to repeat the same mistakes you did last year..

Just think.. and try to give ur heart and mind a rest from this turmoil..

رنگ حيات said...

Hiyaaaaaaaaa.....Hayat is in the House !!!

What's up man??? Last entry was quite...umm...mushy mushy too :P If U wanna sit @ the shore just to see the sun rise and waves...Go DO IT!!! who's stopping U ?? Don't let nobody stop you from doing what U want yaar. This life is all YOURS and Nobody else's so do what U WANT 2 DO !!!!!!

Stay Happy & Healthy tho coz if anyone would let me do what I wanna do...lolz...I would go buy some weed but I know U r a doctor sahab...U shouldn't do shit like that.

apna khayal rakhna
sab theek ho jaye ga inshallah
khuda hafiz