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Dr.Abdul Majeed, former Head of Department Physiology, came storming into the lecture hall on hearing chaos. He started asking questions in a fury and pointed out a girl, but she ignored him. On this Dr.Abdul Majid said

“ By keeping your head down and pretending you didn’t hear, Doomsday won’t go away. Stand up!!!!”

Dr.Abdul Majeed on the functions of cytotoxic T cells.

“ They make pores in the cell membranes of the enemy” “Like this, like this”

(While boxing wildly in the air)

On Haustrations

“You see these are haustrations, like this and like this, these are haustrations”

(While moving one hand after the other; up and down fist closed.)

Dr.Muarraf of Physiology Department after finishing posture regulation

“Go home, get hold of a cat and throw it from the roof and observe the postural changes.”


“I know you have beautiful teeth but this is not the time to laugh, show them to me during the vivas.”

Yet another classic (note the INGS)

“Now you people are laughING, but at viva time you will not be laughING. You will be rushING in the corridors. At that time you will not be smilING or makING faces or playING with your mobiles, you will be worryING and askING us and we will not be tellING!!!!!!!

Anatomy: -

Dr.Tehzeeb of the Anatomy Department was taking our Histology lecture. A student came in late and tripped over the microphone. Dr. Tehzeeb looked on helplessly as the microphone came apart into two pieces. He turned to the attendant and while pointing towards the student said

“ I swear I didn’t do anything. It was this kid.”

Dr.Aamir, taking his lecture in his usual way.

“ Last row, third man from the left stand up!!”

As soon as the person stands up

“Sit down”

Forensic Medicine: -

Dr. Mateen commenting on universal antidote

“They ask this a lot in the VIVA VOCE. You have to tell the examiner there isn’t a universal antidote, but there is a universal antidote. It’s a very deep thing you see.”

Dr. Rizwana Qayyum, Head of Department Forensic Medicine once said

“The only way you’re going to pass Forensic is if you study or if your father is the President of Pakistan”

Pharmacology: -

Dr.Shahnaz Aftab, Professor& Head of Department of Pharmacology, on girls.

“ Look at the girls of today; pale, anemic, thin, marasmic. “

On what boys like to do.


Gynecology: -

Dr. Asma Tanvir Usmani, Head of Department Gynecology Department, on pregnancy

“ Repeat after me. Pregnancy is not a disease. Pregnant women are not patients”

Surgery: -

Dr.Azam Yousaf, Professor Of Surgery, on coming late

“ Let me tell you people a story. I had a House Officer who was in the habit of coming late. Every time he had an excuse to cover up for his tardiness. One day he said he had ulcers. I had enough of his excuses, so I gathered the whole surgery department and took him for an endoscopy. His endoscopy came out clear and I said that now you all know what I will do when one of you says that I have diarrhea.”

Medicine :-

Dr. Irum Shakir on difference between men treating women in Pakistan and the Middle East.

“ In Pakistan, if you go outside, men pass cheap comments and what not. In Kuwait, they are a bit more civilized. If they find a woman attractive, they go upto the woman and say “ SUBHAANALLAH” and go their way.”

( A few adaptations from Rawalian 30 Orkut community)


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