Saturday, December 09, 2006

*tagged by rooj!
i am thinking about:
how cold my feet are!!!
i said:
what does it matter?
i want to:
feel eternal peace.
i wish:
i could the courage and wisdom to inspire
i miss:
The Nile......Egypt.
i hear:
constant voices in my head.
i wonder:
how insignificant and helpless we human beings are.....
i regret:
not being able to tell everyone that means the world to me, how much I appreciate their presence
i am:
in search of character
i dance:
i sing:
prefer listening :)
i cry:
in my heart all the time
i am not always:
online :P
i write:
to get across my ideas.....have always been bad at talking
i confuse:
enemies for friends
i need:
to turn on the damn heater before I freeze to death.
i should try:
to think less
i finish:
things that I develop passions for
I tag people who're still visiting this blog :)


Survivor said...

Cool.. Somehow.. not that surprised..

Survivor said...

oh.. U tagged me... ok.. I'll get to this..

Anonymous said...

Every time I go through your blogs, i get to know something good about you. ....And you know what I came to know about you today?....Guess yourself!

anjum said...

hi,i was just going through different websites and i came across your profile ,what wedsite is this about.actually i liked your sentences about dr mussadiq's views about you ppl